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For starters let me say this movie was truly awful, like I don't know which is worse listening to my house mate Caroline try and fail at a British accent or this movie. between the cringe worthy writing or the atrocious misuse of physics with that whole zero barrier thing and drilling a hole in the asteroid putting a nuke in it and hoping it splits apart honestly they needed to just not.  
Anyways for shits and giggles lets just come up with a plan for if there were a extinction level event asteroid heading our way what would we do? Well for starters we would know well in advance like +20 years so we'd have plenty of time to prepare. The minimum size asteroid needed to kill off all life on earth is 95km so I'm going to say mine is 100km and we are going to say its traveling at  2x10^8m/s, so fairly fast. So what I need to find is how much force do I need to use so that when it would have hit earth it will miss. the formula I will use to find the force is mass times accele…

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